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Vendors in our previous events reported great satisfaction with sales.


An unprecedented opportunity
to showcase your wares in
two back-to-back yoga events!

Benefit by having your products and services directly marketed to our targeted audience of approximately 400 dedicated yoga practitioners. In addition to direct sales, showcasing your business here will build brand recognition, generate sales leads, and reach studios and teachers as well as other hotel guests and meeting attendees.

Iyengar Yoga is very prop friendly! We anticipate sales of props, as well as yoga clothes and accessories, and attractive street wear and jewelry will do quite well. The marketplace is located in a bright, beautiful space with easy access and signage. IYNAUS supports vendors like you who are ecologically sound, often family-owned and operated, and do not use sweat shops for production.


1. Choose a vendor package.

A Basic Package

  • One 6-foot table-area
  • Security of locked room
  • Discounted group rate at hotel
  • 10% discount on Ad space in conference magazine


  • $350

B Value-Added Package

  • Two 6-foot table-areas
  • Security of locked room
  • Discounted group rate at hotel
  • Free vendor listing in conference magazine
  • 20% discount on Ad space in conference magazine


  • $400

2. Review vendor schedule.

Set Up Hours

5/09 Thursday8 pm to 12 midnight
5/10 Friday7 am to 10 am

Store Hours

5/10 Friday12 pm to 9 pm
5/11 Saturday10 am to 8 pm
5/12 Sunday10 am to 6 pm
5/13 Monday10 am to 1 pm
4 pm to 8 pm
5/14 Tuesday10 am to 1 pm
4 pm to 8 pm
5/14 Wednesdayclosed

Tear Down Hours

5/14 TuesdayVendors must be out of the store area by 11 pm.

3. Check out our store space.

Our store is located Royal Palm Ballrooms, Town and Country Resort. Please contact Town and Country Resorts for information on hotel accommodations or for shipping, internet, and electrical needs.

  Download a map
vendor map

4. Review Other Vendor Information

Extra Services

  • Extra vendor services available through T&C include but are not limited to skirted table cloth rental, electricity, computer, telephone, banner/sign hanging, parking passes, and WiFi. Contract T&C directly for services: 619-908-5010 or
  • Internet/phone services are provided by MSI Production Services: 619‐291‐8770 or
  • Electrical services are provided by Trade Show Electrical: 619‐572‐4054 or


Vendors may stay at Town and Country Resort & Convention Center. Call 888-231­-4352 for reservations and refer to Sarvabhauma Yog Iyengar Yoga Conference and Teacher’s Convention, San Diego, CA 2013 for room rates and parking.


T&C has a 24-hour security service. The coverage of the hotel security includes but is not limited to all guest rooms, perimeter areas, internal corridors, and public areas. Meeting and storage facilities are the responsibility of each group. All doors will be locked after store closes and T&C will provide keys for access by Sarvabhauma Yog personnel and volunteers and hotel Security only. The keys will be turned on electronically one-half hour before store opens and turned off one‐half hour after store closes. Hotel and Sarvabhauma Yog Iyengar Yoga Conference and Teacher’s Convention, San Diego, CA 2013 accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to unattended items, so vendors should remove any valuable items while unattended.


The designated area for vehicle parking for deliveries of merchandise will be on Royal Palm Way west of the Royal Palm Tower off of Fashion Valley Rd. Vendors can contact T&C to hire their services for any off loading or loading of commercial vehicles. Parking for the duration of the venue will be in the T&C guest parking areas. Contact T&C for group parking rates.

Set up in the store area will begin Thursday at 8 pm and continue again Friday at 7 am Store opens at 12 noon on Friday. Hotel does not provide carts or hand dollies. Hotel requires plywood to be laid in all aisles and entrances for moving freight in and out of the Royal Palm Salons. No equipment or crates shall be placed in the patio area.

All of your merchandise must be maintained on or under your respective vendor table(s) in the exhibit area as allowed by the Hotel and Fire Marshall. Signs and decorations and related material may not be taped, tacked, stapled, nailed etc. to painted surfaces, fabrics, ceiling or decorative walls in the Convention Center or meeting space. Convention Center permanent signs and banners may not be blocked in any manner. Temporary signs may not be attached in any manner to permanent signage. Banners are allowed, but there are restrictions. Convention center staff will be required to hang all banners and a fee will be assessed for each banner that is hung depending on the time and manpower that is needed. Please consult convention services at 619-908-5010 with any questions you may have. All merchandise and displays must be removed by 11 p.m. on Tuesday, May 14, 2013.

The City of San Diego Fire Marshall will be making an inspection of the vendor area at approximately 10 am on Friday, May 10, 2013. Any changes required by the Fire Marshall must be completed by opening of store at 12 noon.

California Board of Equalization

The State of California Board of Equalization requires any seller of products in the State of California to apply for a Permit to Sell and to pay sales taxes. Each vendor must contact the Board of Equalization for online application through their eservices site. Each vendor will bear sole responsible for payment of California Sales Tax on any sales made during the Conference/Convention. Sarvabhauma Yog Iyengar Yoga Conference and Teacher’s Convention San Diego CA 2013 will not be responsible to pay vendors’ taxes.

Green Policies

To ensure the convention is produced as environmentally responsibly as possible, we ask that vendors try to adhere to the following.

  • Use recycled or consumable products as giveways. (Each attendee will be receiving a packet of free samples and coupons provided by sponsors and/or vendors. If you wish to include any of your sample products in our “goodie bag” which each attendee receives please let us know.)
  • Do not have gift items made from endangered or threatened species.
  • Use soy‐based ink and recycled paper to produce the materials.
  • Avoid bringing large quantities of collateral materials—send them upon request
  • Minimize packaging materials, or use recyclable, biodegradable shipping and packing materials
  • Assist in move‐in/out process with recycling cardboard, freight boxes, plastic wrappings, etc.

5. Download and review
Vendor Information Sheet & Application.

  • Mail us your completed application with payment
    made payable to IYNAUS
    (See application form for mailing address.)
  • $200 deposit due by October 1, 2012 to guarantee your space.
  • Receipt of application and full payment is due by February 1, 2013.
  • See rules and regulations (within application form) for cancellation policies.

Thanks for your interest!

Welcoming vendors, both large and small is important to us. The Iyengar Yoga Association of Southern California, San Diego and the vendor committee are looking forward to teaming with you to make this a most successful event for your company.

Questions? Email Sharon Maruca, Store Chair so we can begin working together for a profitable and enjoyable sales experience. Thank you!
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